Do you understand what trust is?

Is an emotional brain state, not just an expectation of behavior? Trust can be felt in your heart and mind (Paul Thagard, 2020). With trust, the heart feels emotions towards the people, and you start caring about them what they think and the opinion they have about you. They motivate you to accomplish and train yourself to be great and be able to please them and you also feel great about yourself.

Trust is the central part of all human relationships, including romantic partnerships, family life, business operations, politics, and medical practices. Without trust, nothing in your life can be done. If the people you love don’t trust you, you feel like everything you do is not worth it and you can not measure up to their standards. Trust creates meaningful relationships and guides us on the daily activities we carry out. For example, the doctors, for us to receive medication and also heal, we need to trust our doctors and believe in them that they have the knowledge and capacity to heal us. When you don’t trust doctors, you won’t heal, even if he or she gives the right medication. The trust creates warm and peaceful feelings that enable us to psychologically feel the power of healing before we are even healed. The medication works after the body have accepted and has the will to heal and be better.

The best ways to define and understand trust:

Trust is a set of behaviors, such as acting in ways that depend on another

Trust is a belief in a probability that a person will behave in certain ways

Trust is an abstract mental attitude towards a proposition that someone is dependable

Trust is a feeling of confidence and security that a partner cares

Trust is a complex neutral process that binds diverse representations into a semantic pointer that includes emotions (Paul Thagard, 2020).

With all the above-mentioned definitions, trust is built starting from the homes we are born into. Many people face challenges in trusting new people around them because of the behaviors and the verbal expressions they were exposed to when growing up. Today trusting people is so hard and complicated, because people have become selfish and mean to attain freedom and also a way to accomplish the wildly desires for example fame and money.

Parents have forgotten the values and also the necessity of teaching their children about honesty, kindness, and love, which all lead to trust. If people cannot be kind to each other or learn to love, they won’t be able to trust anyone apart from themselves. If they hurt and abuse other people who are fragile than them, it won’t be easy for them to learn to trust because no one trusts them. It’s important to trust protected, but it all comes from the verbal expressions and behaviors that we encountered or taught in the process of our lives.

For one to create a wonderful and meaningful relationship, one must build trust and love, which is difficult in some complicated situations. Trust comes from within when the person feels safe in one person’s company and also drives the emotions to flow, which turns into love. Many have experienced trust even without love because of the warmth the surrounding person has shown. Trust is very necessary for our lives. Every day, families break apart from a lack of trust. Even if there is love, one must feel safe and protected for the built relationship to last the complications that may arise.

In my own experience, trust comes from far, because people keep breaking their promises to get what they want, especially at work. Bosses find it hard to trust anyone because they believe they have much more than what their employees have. So they believe that because one has less, they are bonded to harm them or even steal from them. We cannot deny, their ambition and desperation drove many desperate people out there, because of so many challenges and demands of the world, they break their bosses’ hearts. This causes them to stop trusting anyone, but one should realize that not everyone is greedy and ambitious, they are others out there who are honest, kind and they put their work first before anything else. They look at the future, not the present. Change the concept of doubting everyone’s intentions if one wants the relationship that you build to last for a long time. Trust enables you to find refuge when you feel you have no one to trust and to protect you. When the boss trusts his employees, the employees will do everything in their power to enable the success of your company and also the profits of hard work. Trust builds human relationships and also enables the success of a wonderful work relationship with your clients and the people you work with.

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