A Helping Hand; Through Our Day to Day Lives and Complications

       A helping hand provides the solution that one is looking for in their day-to-day challenges, which you face as life continues to progress. Inside here you will find a friend who will be with you through your and remind you of what is important, and how to handle any situation that may come your way.

       Either man or woman, this friend will give you the chance to understand and have a clear mindset regarding your life and how to solve the problem that you may face.

       For one to create their space and time, it’s really important to read and understand this book. It will be your solution when you have no way to express or understand the dilemma that you may encounter in your life.

       Understand your values and opinions and protect those that are dear to you and how you can help yourself.

      For one to accommodate others, as well as daily challenges we all face, we should find out some of the most essential aspects of ourselves by asking some questions, such as:

What is the most important thing in your life?

What motivates you every day to be who you are?

 What are your values and opinions regarding your own life and environment?

Are those opinions and values accepted and welcomed by the people dearest to you?

 When you picture your life from past to present, is there something or someone you would like to change or not change?

When you look deep within yourself and the people closest to you, are you happy with the outcome?

Do you have any regrets?

 If you have any regrets, will changing them make you feel better or happier?

 What there is something to lose in changing the past?

What is there to lose in changing the past?

Best Approach:

     One thing to remember that every day it faces us with a fresh challenge that helps us builds and also grow within our self.

    Every year that passes, our own experiences and achievements drive us to continue moving forward and people around us are like a compass that shows us direction so we could make it ourselves.

Knowing who we are and also appreciating even the smallest thing one has ever done for you is a way to heal and also solve the biggest problem one may face in their day-to-day lives and complication


What is self-awareness and how do you get it?

   Self- awareness involves monitoring our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

 Living the life we live now, many things have changed and our past beliefs differed from now. Before, discipline was the key to managing one’s identity and status. The environment has changed a lot which has led to so many people losing their identities. This is primarily are because marriage and self-discovery are not important unless you have a lot of money and can access social media.

The Internet is not the problem; we are. We have lost everything in pleasing the world. Children have gone astray because of the uncountable number of articles published about topics that are unsuitable for the young generations.

For parents to prove their love for their children, they often feel compelled to buy electronic gadgets leads them to learn a lot of non-essential information, while also instilling in them the belief that they are 21st-century kids.

 Many people forget to be parents, and if some of them try, their children think their parents are controlling them. Parents are so busy trying to prove they can succeed and earn a lot of money; however, all this comes at the expense of their children, who lack protection.

Self-awareness needs self-examination. What are your weaknesses and strengths?

Create your questions and prepare for the answers. Ask those questions of your family and friends, and as well as your acquaintances.

   Find out if their answers match yours and start reflecting on your weaknesses. This process will take some time and should not rush you. Take all the time you need and make sure you don’t create new weaknesses in learning about who you are.

During the process, learn to clear your mind and create peace in your heart. By instilling peace, we learn to let go of the hurt and forgive ourselves and the situations we have encountered and endured.

Try to find something that motivates you to smile, no matter how stupid and childish it is. Also note that in finding happiness, we are told many things which are not suitable.

During this process, listen to your heart and heal, create comfort in minor things, create time for the people you love, and ask them about their lives. What was hurting? What makes them happy? Listen to them with your heart.

   Learn to work on the qualities that make you loveable, admirable, and approachable. Always make sure to never to lose the best things about yourself. 

Sadness comes from within, as well as from the decisions we have made in the past. Some decisions are not always suitable or the right choices. Regardless, we have to look at the outcome and see, through that decision, what the successes or failures were? We must also learn to let go of those failures and appreciate the best things that come out of those decisions.

Why does self-awareness matter in our day-to-day lives and complications?

   Knowing who we are inside and out helps us to understand and also create a wonderful environment in our day-to-day lives, at home, and at work.

    We learn to appreciate and also know why we work so hard and all the sacrifices made, loved, and honored.

“Most of us are running on autopilot, hardly aware of why we succeed or fail, or why we behave as we do. Our lives are busy with daily chatter that we usually only self reflect when something goes wrong.”

     For example, losing a romantic partner, we thought everything was great, and failing a job interview thought you were so prepared.

Our responses in challenging situations are often to get defensive, make excuses, or blame another person because we don’t want to see our part in the disaster. If we can observe ourselves during such incidents, it will be a wonderful start to self-awareness.

How to build self-awareness?

To build self-awareness, one has to create the most interesting things about themselves. In your free time, what do you want to do?

For example cooking, how many times do you cook at home? Do you cook or not?

What hobbies do you like?

It is a swimming part of your daily life, walking, running and also visiting the beach alone. 

Like exploring alone and if not, try it sometimes. Create time to listen to your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. 

Do you have a passion that is so complicated to achieve? Try doing it, expecting nothing in return. How does it make you feel? For one to understand themselves, one needs space alone and be able to understand their own choices and ideas and know if they are happy or not.

    Become a friendly listener, open your heart and mind to the person you are listening to. Understanding someone else problem can also help you in a way to solve the problem of yourself.

  When you are aware of yourself, your objectives become clearer and make it possible to make the right decisions, with no regrets or adjustments.

Self Esteem

    Discovering your self can be able to boost your self-esteem regarding the daily duties of your life. Understanding one’s self, it’s very important to build your inner self and the capacity to stand and face any challenge that may come your way.

     Knowing your weakness is like to drive, to become better and more understanding towards your surroundings.

 Your self-esteem is strong, and it motivates you daily because you can handle any pressure regarding your life and the surrounding people. Learning to defend and stand strong can be a way to gain a lot in day-to-day lives.

Many children today are facing a lot of criticism and face peer pressure. Many cannot get everything in life but criticized by their peer groups and steal and also hurt other people to feel good about their inner selves. But learning who you are and the surrounding people can improve your way of feeling and also the behaviors of your friends.


Learning to pray every day during your free time would be among the best way to improve and build your awareness. When you are praying, you talk to God about the things that you would want to protect and achieve. Within yourself, you understand more what is very important to you and why you need everything in your day-to-day life. 

During prayer, you ask for different important things in your life and what makes you happy. Remember, during your heart is rest with God and your mind is the feel of distraction and confusion. You let go of all the ill feelings at that moment and only listen to conservation with God. Through that, you create a wonderful and peaceful atmosphere that protects yourself and reminds you of what is important and what you have to keep protecting and achieve at the same time.

Learn to pray and communicate to God, even non-believers. Sit in a corner of your bedroom or house in silence and start communicating through your heart. He will listen and help you when you need him.

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A helping Hand

Family Relations

What do you understand by the term family relations?

It involves the behavioral, psychological, and social relations among various members of the nuclear family and the extended family.

Some relations extend towards the strongest friendships that go beyond time. They may even be stronger than the closest family members.

Some people are too alone to have anyone like family. For example, being an orphan, when you grow with no one to turn to. It’s very important to understand the people closest to you, like friends, workmates and also colleagues around you.

Most relations come from the people we meet and share our joy and sorrow. When we sit alone and look back, every memory we have leads to someone special, which contributed to the happiest and saddest moment.

 Why is it important and how to build it?

A powerful family is all that you need to fight all odds in life. No matter how the day has been for you, and how people must have behaved with you, and no matter the problems you have been facing, the smiling face of your family members contribute a lot to your day and make everything okay. 

Every when I go back home, no matter how stressed I have been at the office. My bosses get angry whenever this becomes complicated. They always just shout and complaining about everything that has gone bad.

They always expect everything to be perfect but you will always never be 100% perfect. Remember that it’s not wrong to make mistakes; they are always common and help us grow and also build our self-esteem more. 

Don’t feel broken because of the surrounding people. Trust yourself and always be open about it with the people dearest to you to overcome all the odds that may come your way.

Why are family relationships important?

It’s very important because of our mental growth, wellbeing, and stability all depend on our family. 

I destine family members to make us feel safe and also help our mental outbreak. Sometimes, we feel like that the people supposed to be there for us, are always more complicated and also make our relationships hard to keep.  The best way is to learn to forgive and also try to listen to their side. You may find that your problem may not be big, but theirs is bigger. Learn to listen to each other and protect each other even in the toughest time of your life. 

Families sometimes make us feel us about ourselves but help us grow and also learn to be better. They mistake one can make and you have no one to turn too; the best person is the family member, a brother, sister, mother, father, and also your husband plus your children.

For Parents to understand their child they may seem young and immature but, when you give your children a chance to get to know you and the pains, you are having, they may be the best solution and to the problem, you thought could not get a solution. Children understand every problem you face; the only problem is that most of them express it differently.

Forgetting that they are human beings who have feelings has caused a lot of confusion and also for the children to run away from home and find peace somewhere else.

Always remember to give everyone a chance and also be able to listen to yourself for the problems they are facing, even if it’s about you.

I have four sisters; they mean the world to me but I cannot say that our relationship as not savor at some point especially since I am the firstborn. Even if one person shouts, I have to remember that any mistake made by without me fighting to protect will cause pain and also a scar they cannot forget. My wish for them is to be able not to have any regrets in life but to follow and live peaceful and wonderful life drives with wonderful values and behavior. So I have hated, but not to let them make mistakes. I always remember that one day they will also grow and realize that it was the best decision for them.

So be the person who you will always count on and also they may learn to be there for you. Never allow hatred to cloud your heart because it makes you forget exactly who you are and what you could be. The process of angry may drive you to make the wrong decision in day-to-day life and challenges that may keep coming your way.

Family relations help us deal with our stress and also manage during tough times, for example, when you have a miscarriage. Many women today are facing miscarriage and they don’t have a way of dealing with your loss. Many think the people closest to you will never understand because they did not experience the pain you are going through. Indeed, they will not have physical pain, but they will always have emotional pains. When you love someone, you will always love the people around them and wish the best for and when they go through any pain and hurt, you are will to help and comfort them. It’s the same way for them. They will always want to be there and advise you and not let you lose yourself in the grief of your unborn child.

We need to let people close to us, into our world no matter how difficult we feel and alone we feel when you are alone, we create a world of maybe and are, which is unnecessary? All we have to do is carry on even if it’s hard but with other gifts Good gave us. This is where the family reminds us we are not alone. We may have lost someone but we still a lot more in our lives and we still get more and more. We won’t forget the pain but it will a memory that will help us carry on and also become stronger and can also help another person who may face the same problem without giving up.

Families are the basic units that teach children about relationships.  Today many children live in broken houses because of so many selfish parents who think they are facing the most and hard situation they can never come.

For example, in Uganda today, Men believe they must over two wives to feel that they are men. Which is the wrong perception? Many men in Uganda value their children less and care less for them. All they care about is money. The more money they get, the more the world will respect them, which could not be a terrible idea if they cared for their children’s feelings. When a wife complains physically abused and assaulted.

Men forget about their responsibilities and spend all the money they have on different women. But they have never failed to wonder if that makes them happy.  Men should ask themselves if you have so many wives and children are you content and are you respected in the society. 

The societies have spoiled the word man and made it seem like they are gods but in reality, they are also human beings with feelings, who need training and also taught that everyone gets hurt including you, “If you do something wrong and think you will correct with sometimes more wrong than you will be fine”. It’s the worst mistake all mothers are making because the mothers may think they are safe forgetting, every mother with a son will act like that and forget that you not only love your but you also love your daughter who will meet a husband raised in the same way, you raised your son. How will the world and how long the children will have to suffer because the old generation was misguided and now the young children are facing the problems of their parents’ wrong up bring?  If the women cannot take it, they divorce or run away forgetting that you may not face being able to bear the pain, but what about the person you brought into this world? How will that person behave when they group? Will he or she able to adjust and accept pain and protect their relationships, surrounding them with no fear but with courage? He or she will first think about her past relationships and decides no dating. But he or she stays; they will make so many mistakes which includes cheating and assaulting their children physically and mentally. 

So everyone tries to understand the root of the problem before you end up hurting the most important people of your life and regret later but cannot turn back the past.

They teach us to have strong relationships and learn to have trust in others. With trust, we learn to forgive and also appreciate the more complicated situations and the most beautiful moments of our lives. Without powerful bonds, we forget about our routes and try to escape our past. Even the new relationships we may face may become difficult and hard to maintain because we don’t how to do that.

With family relationships, we face so many conflicts that teach us a respectful way to handle and also resolve our future problems.

A powerful family is what a person needs to overcome all the odds, complications that the world offers, and also make the person confident in their day-to-day lives.

What are the characteristics of a powerful family bond?

Have good communication with all your family members and always listen to their advice. It may be hard because of the differences in opinion and also behavior plus age a gap, one maybe younger and another older than, each age has its traits, believes, and ideas depending on the environment and the people they meet, but try to talk to them and also listen to them. In a situation you may believe too hard to control and solve, it may never even be an issue because both you listened to each and welcomed all the ideas that came with good communication. Always be open-minded, even when the situation seems impossible for anyone to be open-minded. “It will clear the black cloud and the light will appear to show you the way”.

Share feelings of together, I have always been so close to my family, we may have our conflicts but because there is always something that binds us together, we always forgive and also not keep on fighting unnecessarily. For example, we pray together every night and also watch a different series together. We laugh and start commenting on the unique characters of the series. And we always remember that we love each other no matter what happens.

        When I come back from work, we always discuss the problems I faced and how my day was, if it was funny we all laugh and remind our self the most interesting parts and if it was sad we try to find the positive part about the day and also try to find the best solution together. Even with young sisters, they tell us about their days at school and try to see if they hurt and disappointed were and find the best solution for them.

          It keeps us together and also helps to stay close to each and understand everything that goes on each other’s lives, no matter how complicated the situation is, we are always in it together.

 Show care and affection to every member of the family, everyone has a different personality and it may seem hard to get along with everyone especially for siblings, complications and conflicts arise because everyone wants different things, If you are the eldest you have to love them equally, which has been hard, because there is always the youngest ho needs all the love and protection since he or she is so young among so many brothers and sisters, but try to balance even if they don’t appreciate, try as much as you can to always be there for every one of them. If you are a middle child, try also to understand that you may be in the middle but you have a responsibility towards your sisters and brothers. Create balance and care for them and be responsible. It’s not just for the eldest to always be guiding you can and be the shoulder that your family needs.

 Lead by example, for the parents to expect their children to behave in a certain way, they need to be the leading example for them. When you want your child to learn the value of relationships and their importance, you have behaved in the same way. By valuing the relationship you have with wife or husband. 

Learn to forgive one another in the most complicated situation.

Listen to each other’s ideas without belittling one another and making the other feel not valued.

Fight for each other’s ideas even when you don’t understand it yet.

Support each other and most of it all love each other every day and protect each other daily, in order not to forget why you have your family and how God has blessed with your family through trials and attributes of the world.

 See every crisis to grow and flourish, even when it is breaking you and making you so vulnerable in the community.

Stand strong and confront the situation, no matter how hard the situation may be at the moment. And remember, honest and truth always win, even in the unforeseen circumstances.

Never abandon each other when you target and weak. Those are the memories you stay with and will break the bond of your family apart and it’s hard to repair at all. And may just end causing you a scar and to the people you can about and also the people you may encounter.

 Focus on every member’s well being. Together you are unstoppable. Care to find out if each person of your is doing well, try to reach out if they are no longer in one house, remember the most important things of their lives and try to be there for each and one of them, because every important memory stays.

Those memories stay with us and help us even if when we cannot reach the people we love at the moment. They keep the bond strong and difficult to break in case of a conflict.

Show resilience, every family goes through difficulties in their lives and share a painful experience. But no distressing experience loosens the bond. The virtue of loyalty comes from a family relation.

Remember all these virtues of a powerful family do not come overnight; we need patience, humbleness, and also love and trust. With hard work, we win and keep our family bonds together for so many years. Every year we learn and grow together as a family and resolve every problem we face if we give our best, no matter how hard it may seem.


What is stress?

It happens daily in our lives, which is a feeling of emotion or physical tension. It is a natural feeling of not being able to cope with specific demands and stress.

Stress comes from everything that the world offers. Most especially in the day to day of our lives, many people in the world today are living for the status, they are will to give up anything to get money and fame. They are will to risk everything dear to them to gain money and fame.

In Uganda, many parents will sacrifice their children to gain money and become the richest people in the country and live a wonderful life. Hurt and confused, forgetting that everything they have now is precious, and they never look at the outcome after making that sacrifice. The pain they have to live in hurting their children.

In Uganda, people say there is a man who cannot sleep because he sacrificed his son for the sake of money. When he tries to sleep, the ghost of the child complains and tells him to go to work. You killed to get money. 

I am not sure if it’s true or just a myth but one thing is for sure is that the stress that the person has to live with daily because of their ambition and also lack of value for their families and the people they love has become the main trend of today. Men of Uganda care less about the most important parts of their lives. They forget why they are working so hard if it was not for those families they have and are will sacrifice in the process of greed and self-pleasure.

I cannot say that working hard is bad, but remember why you are working so hard and for whom. We forget that our existence and the feelings we feel are not only for us but the people are around us and also the care we give to them is the most important among everything else. 

Remember to work hard without neglecting the people that mean the world to you and also try to create free time for yourself and your body. When you remember what is important, your life will always hold on and fight no matter the situation because you are honest and truthful about your feelings, not just greed for comfort. 

We all love a comfortable life, but it has to be with the people that mean everything to us and not alone.

Why stresses happen and how to manage them?

The most important thing to remember is that stress can become chronic severe if neglected and not handled in the right way.

Stress happens when you are under pressure and also loaded with a lot of thoughts and don’t how to weigh them and how to manage them.  Sometimes, it’s helpful because most people work so well under pressure, where all the nerves and the body react and can be able to find the solution but if the person is over pressured and to many challenges keep coming their way, it may be harmful to them and may cause a mental breakdown and cause depression and high blood pressure, and some heart attacks. 

“According to the American Psychological Association’s (APA)’s annual stress survey in 2018, average stress levels in the United States were 4.9 on a scale from 1 to 10. The survey found that the most common stressors were employment and money”.

Sometimes stress triggers with positive changes which people are hardly aware of, for example, having a baby, many women don’t think about motherhood, even if they think it’s time, but they all process of having a baby becomes very hard for them. Think so hard before you make the right decision for your child, it’s too complicated because you are never sure what you are doing is enough.

My sister has just had a baby, but every time, the baby has even if it’s nothing just a sigh of cough or anything she is always so stressed; she goes to the hospital, always scared that maybe it is serious and she to know. She fears the food the daughter eats and also how she is feeling all the time. She even monitors her daughter’s sleeping time.  But she tries to be the best mother her daughter will even have, no matter how scarily the situation is.

Getting a promotion is also another positive outcome that causes a lot of stress among distinct people. I expect one to show everyone that she or he can manage the additional responsibilities given to her or him. They will not leave their bosses down no matter what happens. 

 You are always under tension and also in handling your duties. Many challenges and complications may come with the Job. With the recent job, the family vacation and also time you spend together may become so limited and which in the process causes problems and broken relationships.

What is the stress that a person may experience?

You may experience the two types of stress; one is which minor stress because of everyday challenges like finances, family and work, and also severe stress which comes from trauma incidents and events.

Acute Stress is the stress which is because of the daily challenges of life that one has to live with and also find the best solution for the situation without falling apart.

It’s brief term stress that lasts until you find the solution to the problem.

It’s manageable as long as the person always finds a solution and keeps open-mindedness through the entire situation.

Most time it includes headache, tension, and upset stomach, and a moderate amount of distress.

However, repeated instances of acute stress over an extended period can become chronic and harmful.

Chronic stress is the stress that develops over a lengthy period and it’s more harmful. It’s mostly caused by the traumas, events or incidents like having miscarriages in a home, UN happy marriage, and loss of a job. 

It becomes chronic when a person forgets themselves and also gives up on finding a solution. Even when the situation is under control or solved, they neglect and give up altogether.

It sometimes leads to drinking alcohol, drugs and also starts physical assault to their family members. Some people run away and avoid confrontations on the matter. They prefer to stay than find a solution, which leads to the abandonment of their families.

A constant state of stress can lead to following diseases if it’s not handled in time or at all, it increases the person’s chance of getting 2  diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders, Such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Chronic stress can continue being unnoticed, as people can become used to feeling agitated and hopeless. It can become part of the individual’s personality.

What mainly causes stress to unfamiliar people includes the following;

Job issues or retirement

Lack of time or money

Family problems


Moving home

Relationships, marriage, and divorce

Above all that, they are others.

Abortion or pregnancy loss

Driving in heavy traffic or fear of an accident

Fear of crime or problems with neighbors

Pregnancy and becoming a parent

Excessive noise, overcrowding, and pollution

Uncertainty or waiting for an important outcome. Another experience is ongoing stress after a traumatic event, such as an accident or some kind of abuse. Doctors will diagnose this as PTSD.

Symptoms and complications include:


Pain in the back or chest

Cramps or muscle spasms



Nervous twitches

Pins and needles sensation

“A 2012 study found that the stressors that parents experience, such as financial troubles or managing a single-parent household, may also lead to obesity in their children.” (APA, June 2020)

Emotional reactions can include:



Concentration issues


A feeling of insecurity






Including all that, stress has associated behaviors that it triggers:

Food cravings and eating too much or too little

Sudden angry outburst

Drug and alcohol misuse

Higher tobacco consumption

Social with drawl

Frequent crying

Relationship problems

Please always try to find the best way for you to overcome stress and don’t let the challenges you are facing take away the self-awareness and also the love for yourself and your family.

Do not let the challenges and the problems you are facing be your compass, you’re the compass of your life and stay ahead of every situation no matter how complicated.

How to manage stress in our daily lives?

Exercises, When you exercise during your free time, it will help you a lot to deal with your stress, many people find it hard to do exercises and also be able to handle stress at the same time. Then walking and also spending time with the people who make you laugh, you don’t have to tell them what you are going through, just sit and laugh with them. Let your heart open and try to forget for a moment what is bothering and enjoy the beautiful moment. But the time you realize, the problem you thought was the problem, may end up being so simple to handle. And also find the solution you are looking for.

Reduce the intake of alcohol and drugs, and caffeine, many people think that, if they are stress and having a hard time, it is okay to drink and also take a lot of caffeine. It’s not the answer when you drink; you will forget the problem for the moment and may end up doing something even worse than what you were going through. 

You cheating because of the influence of alcohol, forgetting that you have already a family that you love dearly. After the incident, nothing can change but the situation becomes bigger and end up lacking a compass to take you back to the right path.

They challenge everyone in this world, either rich or poor. We all face situations that could mislead your path and cause more stress instead of reducing it.

In Uganda today, many women are stresses in someone’s way or another.  Most of them their husbands run away and have original families, and others their husbands cannot do anything productive but women of Uganda forget about it and are trying everything they can to give their children everything they can. 

You may face the problem of being abandoned by your husband, do not understand, where to start from, the stress becomes a part of you without realizing, which makes you crave for alcohol and serious drugs, I am here to tell you it’s not the answer, look at yourself, you have a lot you are gifted with and you succeed even without your husband and then look at your children, when you had them, the world was beautiful and when they grow up, you will feel proud of your achievement and success. Do not take away a chance for your children to become the people you admire.

Turn the pain and challenge into your motivation to become better and more than what you thought you could be.

Nutrition, it’s very important to love yourself, even when it’s so hard to appreciate who we are, the first thing one has to know is that having good health and eating a balanced diet gives us the motivation to continue working hard and also overcome every challenge that may come away.

Its okay to eat fruits even when you are struggling, and very important to eat well during tough times because that will drive to realize that even if it’s hard, you can still win tomorrow, today may have been tough, tomorrow may be better.

Eating well will help you overcome all the stress that you may face during the day.

Time is very important in our day-to-day lives. Create time for yourself and your family members. Make a schedule that fits well with your work and time to relax and also spend it with your family. 

Not having time to spend with family and also relax, may end up causing tension and also make your family very distant and hard to relate with or understand them.

         Fights may become your delayed meal, and I do not understand how you reach there. You fear going home and also fear talking to the people; you consider close to you and your family.

It’s very important to acknowledge the changes that have occurred because of a particular situation, try to observe yourself and also communicate with the people close to you; they will help you find the solution before it’s too late.

How to Deal With Bad News and How to react In a Certain outcome?

Today, many people cannot deal with grave news, it’s so hard for someone to handle failure and also manage the outcome.

I can say that I fear unpleasant news; it’s complicated to be in an unpleasant situation. You feel lost and confused and cannot handle the pressure. One thing I do is listen to my heart and clear my mind. With God’s help can manage even when it’s impossible to feel fine.

Most news is so heartbreaking; they can leave you shocked and scared of what next.

Trying to recover from the grievous news may take time and even more complicated if they do not handle well the situation.

The unwelcome news that can shock some and cause despair includes:

Your husband or wife cheated on you

I have fired you from a job.

You have lost a loved one

I have diagnosed you with a life-changing condition

Your child has been into an accident

Grave news can leave us in a state of dread and despair. It seems like the world is falling apart, almost as if we are being driven into the ground. We fear the very worst and cannot get it out of our mind, or gut. Often there are other emotions mangled in, like anger, guilt, despair, betrayal, and love.

Best way to handle unpleasant news or deal with the stress that comes with the news:

The most important thing one has to know is that no one is immune to unpleasant news or disappointments in life. So, when you get it, how do you process the information, deal with it, and move on with your life unscathed?

It’s always so hard for one to deal with grievous news, but one must not forget that among everything that complicates life, there are things that bring a smile and hope to one’s life.

Much may feel alone and think they have no one to help or comfort them. I understand but remember that before we meet people; we have a creator who gave us life and brought us into this world. He created us and made us for a purpose and he knows why everything is like that, and he has the solution.

For me, my family has always been supportive no matter the situation, either good. They may be there but I never forget that the person who always helps most is speaking to the lord because he always has a way to make the impossible so possible.

If you know how to pray, talk to him. He will always answer and will never forsake you. Trust in him and he will comfort you.

Apart from God, another way to deal with bad is to have someone to share with, no matter how sad the situation is. You may think your friend will never understand you and feel the pain, but remember that every person who truly loves will always feel the hurt and pain you are through. It may not be physical, but it’s always emotional.

   Most times we feel that people who love us just pity us because of what is going on in our lives that is not true. 

When a person loves you and cares for you, you feel it, but we always put a defense mechanism to protect the minor pride and ego; we have left, which is not good. You will never find a solution to the problem if you have no support or help from people around, even a stranger would help and give you the best advice of what to do next.

It’s very important to accept the negative emotion and don’t deny the pain you are feeling after receiving the grave news. Sit down and breathe in and out. You will relax and calm down. After the analysis of your emotions, try to adjust to the new situation and also consider how to go about it.

The bad news break and feels like everyone has left you alone and you are in a big world and cannot fit anymore, you don’t know what to do next. Always remember, you have Plan B, you still yourself and the people who care for and love you more than you could ever imagine.

Don’t lose all hope and give up at once for the dreadful news, because they will keep coming even in preparation, they will make you feel like it’s UN expected.

Always stay calm and true to you, everything will get better.

Learn to over adversity, it’s difficult to overcome it, especially with the competitive world that we live in. For example, in School, I always challenge you are always with performing well. Every parent in the world wants their child to become the best in their class, but if the result comes out and your child or child has not performed to best. Some parents lose the right advice to tell their children apart from you are a failure, I cannot imagine you, my son or daughter, parents need to realize that the child may be bright but have you find out if the child has a weakness somewhere and what have you done as a parent to help your child succeed.

Such news and negative complaints from the parents cause the child stress and also fear telling how they feel, and what she or he got in an exam result. Stay positive even when you feel it’s impossible for one to have any positive feeling inside their hearts or bodies. Express your self as much as possible in order for heart not to be overweighted with negative emotions and pain to cause heart attacks or other diseases because of keeping pain and negative emotions hidden away.

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