About Me

      “Bilingual and Proficient Executive Administrative Assistant and Psychologist with a proven track record of managing the Diplomatic Figures in the Mission in Kampala and International Organizations”

With several years of experience in handling and managing different important diplomats and different related administrative work for the mission, plus counseling of HIV/AIDS patients and Students from different backgrounds in MUJAP Organization and the Embassy; I am highly organized, efficient, personable, confidential and able to deliver consistently top results in challenging and pressurized work environments. Well versed in creating internal communications, external professional, and liaise with all levels of staff and clients.

Community Psychologist

My name is Pamella Liza. I am a community psychologist, an author, administrator and businesswoman. I enjoy writing about life and other things. My passion lies with giving a hand to the people that need my help. I am always careful when handling my clients and fulfill their required help.




Chief Events Coordinator


Certificates Attained

  1. Certificate of Participation: A Mental Health academic trip to Luzira Prisons Kampala and Butabika Mental Health Hospital.
  2. Certificate of Participation: Training and Implementation of Routine:-
  • HIV/AIDS/STDS Prevention Strategies
  • Reproductive Health/ Family Planning
  • Counseling and Communication Approaches
  • Developing Community Social Services
  • Psycho-Social Support to Persons
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Water and Sanitation (WASH)
  • Developing Adult Literacy Learning
  • Agricultural Livelihoods/Food Security
  • Financial and Procurement Management.
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